Over the last few weeks, I made a big decision to move away from a well-established and government-backed non-profit. I’m not there yet, but my last day will be soon! I switched jobs to a startup that I haven’t really heard about before. However, after a series of interviews, I know a lot about it now! And the prospects seem very promising.

It was fast, completely unexpected and wasn’t even in my plan this year to move to a new job. But I guess Destiny took me on a new path! Thanks, dude!

I wanted to write down my feelings as of late. The past week and a bit have been full of dreams and imagining the future. But it’s also been full of what if’s and what might happen as a result of… type of questions. My feelings about my career path have always been ambiguous. Don’t know where I’m going. Don’t know what I want to do next. So I finally decided to launch my career into the first step towards growth and goals.

Just at the beginning

I feel like I’ve been waiting for my career to take off since day one. Why did it take me almost 10 years for it to finally happen? I stumbled about my life with feelings of self-doubt in every decision I made. I felt mediocre at best in most of the activities I tried to improve at.

I’m extremely thankful that a stranger out there recognized the value I bring. If it weren’t for the path I’m on, I probably wouldn’t have made it to where I am now. I’d probably still be working a shitty government job. Where everyone is passive-aggressive. Letting their brains rot and waiting at the office for their lives to pass them by until they’re 65.

Find alternatives to get what you need in your career

I’ve been freelancing on the side for as long as I can remember. My full-time jobs have been so mundane and never provided growth. So I made sure I still made some kind of progress with my technical skills and experience with clients.

I didn’t need to rely on my crappy and boring jobs to teach me the skills I needed to grow. This really helped me develop a drive to constantly improve myself in all areas of my life. I also feel like I’ve stayed on my toes regarding the speed at which I learn technical skills. Thank you, self!

Finding my raison d’être and a creative passion

I keep hearing in audiobooks and blog articles that every person on this planet has a raison d’être, a reason for being. How cheesy, I know… 🙂 But! I really wanted to believe it. And early in 2020, I started trodding the path to express myself creatively.

This is the path I need to walk down. It feels so good when I am creative, playful and curious without the pressure or need to feel productive. I’ve always been hard on myself for not spending more time doing something productive. I eliminated bad habits like watching TV and playing video games. I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment in my day-to-day. But I realized that the sense of accomplishment isn’t what I need right now. What I really needed was to remove the pressure off of myself to achieve something, and simply be playful.

I still don’t know what my reason for being is. But I feel closer to it after discovering my new hobbies. The activities and projects I work on feel good, and I want to keep doing more of them. I think this journey to self-discovery helped ignite my ambition towards career growth.

Entering startup world

Moving into the startup world from a background where I always had a safety net wasn’t an easy decision. Nor was it a fast one. My first paid job was with the government. And there was another Crown corporation that I stayed at for much too long (~8 years).

Making the first jump from that corporation freed me from a lot of things.

  • Toxic relationships bounded me to an ideal that wasn’t what I wanted for myself.
  • The government dangles in front of us these “golden handcuffs” as though it’s an easy way to a good life.
  • All in all, general complacency, enveloping the two previous points.

It’s why I still want to acknowledge the place that I work at right now. It was my first step to realizing my own ambitions. It kept pushing me to this place of discomfort to do something I didn’t really want to do. But It also put me face-to-face (almost daily) with my fear of not growing in my career.

The startup realm is scary. But it’s for people who are driven and are always looking to find purpose in the work we do. We work for most hours of our lives, anyway. Let’s make the best of it. No, I’m not going to retire with a full pension. But I’m also not going to let the government suck the life out of me.


Taking away from this, I’ve realized a few things over the past few weeks:

  1. I’m entering a scary place. But it’s the best I’ve felt about a job before. And for that reason, I’ll keep on going.
  2. There needs to be a space for gratitude and a sense of accomplishment for the work I’ve done already. It wasn’t an instant or overnight win. And I worked hard to get here!
  3. I have to continue my creative journey. It’s lead me here, and I think it will lead me to more good things.
  4. I couldn’t have gotten here without the job that I have right now. Even though it’s not the best, most stable job, it pushed me to a place of discomfort. I needed that discomfort. So I continued with those feelings and ultimately it lead me here.

I know it’s good to keep myself grounded. But I can’t help but note that my next job is definitely setting me up for success and growth! I’m excited to see what the future has in store. Keep you updated on my journey. 🙂