When I got my new job offer I almost didn’t take the time off. I was stoked that I could find a new job pretty quickly and wanted to jump into my new work ASAP. In hindsight, I sure as hell am thankful that I took that time off now.

Especially if you receive the opportunity from the new employer to take more time off, take it. You’ll realize the time goes by quickly no matter what. I found myself at the end of my week off, just barely coming up for a breather after all of the stuff I did!

Seeing loved ones

Some unexpected events happened during my vacation, which I didn’t think to accommodate. My mom recently got diagnosed with shingles and gallbladder stones. The reason it’s such a big deal isn’t that we know shingles or stones are horrible illnesses to have. It was a few anxiety-provoking events leading up to this that piled into a big mass.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning of my vacation actually figuring out a plan of what to do with their financial situation. We’re now in the process of cleaning up their excessively large home and preparing it for the market.

Taking time to myself

I didn’t get around to drawing or exercising a whole lot during my time off work. But I think I needed to sit down and finally getting around to doing the things that I actually wanted to do. I felt stuck 8 hours a day in my last job performing tasks that I could not resonate with. This was the entire point of the big change.

The goal of change is to move towards something that you really want to do. If you end up stuck in a job where you are growing resentment for the time you are spending, then it’s time for something different.

Prepare mentally while on vacation

I’m so thankful that I took the extra time off because it gave me hours to learn material for my new job. I spent hours in interviews with my new job and learned a lot about what I’ll be doing. This is a great trait in good companies. They want to make sure you will want to do the work that they have in store for you.

This is why it’s good to look for jobs while you aren’t feeling desperate for change. It will allow you to look at job hunting through a different lens. Date around, and find the perfect fit. Don’t see it as a company you want to throw yourself at, regardless of what the task may be. The company won’t want that either. They want dedicated individuals who know what they are getting themselves into and will not grow resentment for the tasks at hand.

That said, I’m honestly enjoying what I’m learning during my time off before starting. Despite it being a challenge, learning a new programming language and different ways to solve problems are so fun! I’m stoked to apply these learnings at my new gig.


I think back a lot to the conversation I had with the HR staff at my new job. I almost took only half a week off before starting. But that would not have been nearly enough time for me to get to where I am now. Some things I needed to tend to while off work:

  • Completing a big website project for an ex-coworker, now a friend 🙂
  • Cleaning my entire house
  • Helping my parents start settling for retirement by preparing them to downsize
  • Learning a new programming language to prepare for my new job

I can’t believe I actually got most of these things done before the end of the week. It all felt a little overwhelming, but they were all things I really wanted to do.

The moral of the story is that if you are given the opportunity to take a break, you better goddamn take it… You’ll find yourself regretting not taking that time off in the end. Unexpected events happen that you’ll need to tend to. And you’ll enjoy relaxing so much that you won’t realize where the time went.