Web design & development

Ottawa Salsa Convention

Host of Rahim’s Salsa Fridays, and the man behind the scenes of the Ottawa Salsa Convention, Rahim reached out to me for help on revamping his website on Wix.

Designed to attract professional and aspiring dancers. Also, a hybrid: to merchandise ticket sales on the web, and to showcase the dancers coming previous years.

The nature of non-profit and a necessity for full-fledged showcase and promotion

The OG Salsa Festival (formerly Ottawa Salsa Convention) is a not-for-profit event that needs to be promoted to its fullest effect in order to be successful year after year.

My client had to prove to sponsors that the event is gaining traction in order to get proper funding to make the event a success.  

The client was determined to make his passion known and to share it with the world. He quit his full-time job to pursue the success of the annual convention.


Attraction and convenience for newcomers and a novelty experience

Emphasis was placed on creating the most attractive and convenient user experience possible for new visitors. People arrive to the website, learn about the convention and what it offers, and are dazzled by the imagery and sophistication that comes with the world of latin dance.