Web design & development

Watercolour at Westport

Stephen Rolston is an impressive and affluent individual running multiple land development projects at his entrepreneurial home. I contributed to his endeavour for a new neighbourhood design.

Westport is located just one hour driving  southwest of Ottawa, a perfect spot for cottage getaway in the summer. The little town is bustling in season and is right on the lake. It’s charming and bustling in the summer, and the website has to reflect cottage life and retired living.

Land in development

This is my first glimpse into the creative eye of land and neighbourhood design. My client Steve envisioned a new neighbourhood for retirees to settle into as well as new, young families. Housing units range from apartments to large, single craftsman style homes.

My job was to encapsulate into a new website, the dream-like and charming atmosphere of Steve’s vision for this new neighbourhood by Westport.


Showcase piece, feelings of home

The website is meant to showcase what your lifestyle could be like after settling into Westport. I hand-picked the assortment of stock imagery, specifically to evoke emotions of home.

I designed and developed the website within the constraints with my IT partner – WordPress and Divi were used in conjunction to build the theme from scratch.