Past and current Projects

Image with pod of orcas in the ocean


Orca Pod: Growing communities through travelling together

2022 – This is a personal project I started as a result of finding a need within my own hobby. The mobile app aims to solve the problem of finding carpool mates to comfortably travel with; it in fact aims to bring communities together through the means of carpooling to the same events!

View designs (password-protected)


YOW Padel: Bringing the ever growing racket sport into Canada

2022 – This work-in-progress is a small internal project I worked on for the CEO of Syntronic, Hans Molin, who decided he wants to help bring the world of Padel into Ottawa. The goal of the application is to solve for racket players’ biggest problems today: finding available courts to secure for playing, and finding people to play with.

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Rockport Networks: The Autonomous Network Manager

2021 – With Rockport Networks, I helped design and improve upon the Autonomous Network Manager, a web application designed to replace the command line for network operators. This app runs complementary to main product, the new network card that operates in a switchless environment, disrupting the traditional methods of network switch architecture.

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