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Nan Nguyen

I’m a Product Designer with +10 years of experience in design overall. Transitioning into software in 2021, I’m loving the challenge of learning understanding nuanced and complex systems as they relate to the people and businesses who need them. Currently in the process of specializing in desktop-based productivity applications!

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The quest for unified remote music collaboration

CURRENTFor audio production professionals who are using a mishmash of conventional tools to collaborate on audio production in a remote work era, this solution provides the fundamental features of async feedback on specific timestamps of a song, versioning, and an organized audio project structure. This project is currently in its early startup phases!

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Digitizing enterprise level processes

2023Facilitating the digital transformation and modernization of our client’s scheduling processes for large business work orders, specifically in the fields of food and healthcare equipment sterilization through gamma radiation


Bringing the growing Padel sport into Ottawa

2023 – Assisting our client in introducing Padel to Ottawa and addressing the most pressing challenges faced by racket players, specifically improving access to available courts.

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Orca Pod: Growing communities through travelling together

OngoingDesigning a mobile app that addresses the issue of locating carpool opportunities to out-of-town events, inspired by my own personal necessity to discover cost-effective means of attending events in different cities.


The Autonomous Network Manager

2021Designing an application that serves as an alternative to the command line for network operators, offering a user-friendly interface and seamlessly integrating with our company’s groundbreaking product – a network card designed for switchless environments, revolutionizing conventional network switch architecture.

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